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It’s been said, “If you want to learn something, learn from a champion. Glean his experience, understand his strategy, develop his methods and benefit from his ideas while avoiding his past mistakes."

Step 1

Using a stationary simulator, you will learn how to handle your rope, body position and the 7 basic steps before leaving the box. This will apply to both team roping and calf roping.


Step 2

You will learn how to add movement to Step 1.

Step 3

You will learn how to safely control the speed of your animal while making the basic run.

Lessons are conducted in groups or by one-on-one personal training.

Instructors Jerold and Leo will watch and coach you through every run. Your training session begins with our signature "chalk talk" session, where a plan and goals are determined. Strategizing postions of the student, the horse and the movement of the steer are discussed to make certain each run out of the chute is a consistent one.

Camarillo Team Roping
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