Camarillo Roping Roots Run Deep

Camarillo Roping Roots Run Deep Great Grandpa Otavianno Camarillo rode from Sonora, Mexico into California carrying a reata, the legendary tool with which he handily earned a living working the ranges around Santa Ana. Each succeeding generation of Camarillos was reared in the ways of the hardworking cattle-ranching lifestyle, were excellent horsemanship and efficient rope handling was a must for survival.

The sons of Ralph and Pilar Camarillo, Leo and Jerold were no different. They were raised in the Santa Ynez Valley, along California's Central Coast, and had an early introduction to the cowboy lifestyle. Atop their ponies, they worked alongside their dad at local brandings, learning about horses, cattle and roping. Leo and Jerold became roping masters at a very young age. Roping cattle in the grassy pastures of the Santa Ynez Valley wasn't always easy and the traditional heel loop, which was placed in front of the hind legs, didn't always work. It was then that the Camarillo brothers began to perfect their revolutionary loop, rhythm and timing. Roping the steers' hind legs while in midair became their game. This style was faster and easier, and the shear beauty of the rhythm and timing of this method was amazing. With their basic roping fundamentals and rope-smart knowledge, Leo and Jerold changed the style of team roping which is reflected in the arena today.

Camarillo Team Roping

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