Rope Horse Training

Training quality rope horses is what we do. the accomplishments of our training have been proven in many of our team roping horses, including Paso, Super Stick, Howie, Double Tough, Magic and Pilgrim, just to name a few. Also, calf horses Charlie, Cisco, Smizer, Two Names* and Zeno.

Horses are accepted into training only upon evaluation, and will be boarded at the Camp Jerold Arena in Oakdale, CA. Horses will be ridden and trained daily by Jerold and Leo Camarillo for periods starting at a minimum of 30 days.

Horses are slowly started to achieve a better understanding of their ability. Some horses are bred to be athletic, others are not. Our back to the basics training program will allow us to maximize your horse's potential in the training time allowed.

*Purchased by PRCA All-Around Champion Trevor Brazile and won PRCA Calf Horse of the Year.

Camarillo Team Roping

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